We go back to the beginning of radio and television broadcasting. We provide information - a bit differently; we entertain - a bit differently; we provide experience - in a new way.

Have you already sat in a racing car, zigzagging aircraft or on a sailing boat fighting the winds, when everybody strives to win? Do you know what happens between the driver and the mitfahrer during the race? It is hard to imagine the huge struggle on the deck of the sailling boats when fighing for the first place. We share all this! You can listen, watch and experience the incredible moments of the race. You can understand and feel where the first place is decided. We are there every moment, and share all of it with YOU....

Are you the organiser or sponsor of the event? Would you like to increase the public awareness of, and attendance to the event? We make the event reachable to a wider audience, and your goals are getting real!

Sport Live Media Kft. was established to deliver high quality audio and video for live streaming, broadcasting (i.e. FM radio) or local viewing at all kinds of events.

The unique service we deliver increases the prestige of the event and provides effective media presence for the event spronsors and advertisers. The service is available internationally.