We focus on internet (video and audio) streaming and broadcasting services of all kinds of events.
These events may be practically any kind, they may interest small amount of people or they may attract wider audience, for example rally, drift or other motorsport races, children’s day, air shows, midsummer day, national day events, or corporate events. These are only few examples, in practice our service levels up all kinds of events, and increases their awareness, attendance.
The streaming and broadcasting may include (please visit our referencesand archivefor specific examples):
  • Local radio broadcasting (event based FM radio station in 5-50km radius)
  • Online/internetradio
  • Online/internet video streaming
  • Live video and audio signal (i.e. for TV stations in „broadcast” quality, or for local screens/projectors)
  • Any combination of the previous ones
  • Recording of the program
We offerthe production of the following programswith our mobile video/audio/radio studio (installed locally at the event premises):
  • Complete radio show , including
    • Program editing, management,
    • Mobile reporters, who are able to call in from any location of the event (i.e. interviews at remote sites)
    • Ad and music management (with play statistics)
    • Studio interviews or playing recorded interviews or other programs
  • Video and audio streaming , including:
    • Live video stream from any kind of vehicles, including racing cars, small aircrafts, motorboat, sailing boat, horse-drawn carriage, or other types of moving objects where we can mount our small equipment. The focus is on „ LIVE video ” and „ MOVING object ”!
    • Additional audio stream (i.e. onboard audio from racing cars)
We offer flexible business models to our services. The sponsors and advertisers of the events are motivated in reaching wider audience, which a radio program and/or internet streaming is able to achieve. The event organisers are interested in increasing the awareness and number of visitors to the event (both prior and during the event), as well as they are interested in levelling up the event. The participants (i.e. racing car drivers) are interested in increasing their brand, and in increasing the amount of followers watching their racing and results. The business model may also be a combination of the previous ones. SportLiveMedia ensures that all this is available in high quality, and at a reasonable price.
It goes without saying that all needed technology, equipment and professionals are available at SportLiveMedia.
To get a good indication about the price level and range of our services, please download the excel format  configurator file. This file explains the service portfolio (' Components, sample packages' worksheet), and allows you to create a custom service package for specific events (' Configurator' worksheet).

Excel configurator file